After the Runway: Season 15, Episode 1 – An Unconventional Launch Party

Hello everyone!

This has been a LONG time coming: the return of Project Runway!! I’ve been DYING for it to come back, and so excited that the new season has started.

There’s SO much talent on this season, that I haven’t really found any real standout designers. I love too many of them!!

I’m also SUPER excited that Michelle Überreste (of Project Runway: Under the Gunn fame) is graciously working with me again to offer her thoughts as well.

For those who are new to this, each week, I (and Michelle) will offer our thoughts on the top and bottom looks each week.

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, don’t go any further! Spoilers await. 🙂



So, first week of Project Runway! You all know how that goes. Designers meet, get to know one another, and are immediately thrust into some sort of challenge. This season was no exception. The designers really hit the ground running this season. No sooner after meeting Tim and Heidi, their first challenge started. The loved/hated “unconventional materials” challenge. The designers had 30 seconds to grab whatever they could from the room they were in to create their first look.

So, how did they turn out? Let’s have a look at the top looks for this week.


My thoughts: Tasha really did an amazing job transforming the Mood bags into some pants. I always start to shudder when the term “drop crotch” is thrown around. I’ve never been a fan of them, however Tasha completely NAILED them. I also like the tribal vibe I get from the top as well, and the bag with “Tim” and “Heidi” on either side was a fantastic touch.
Michelle’s thoughts: I could immediately tell who this designer’s customer was. She has a strong point of view and the bag was really smart with a nod to Heidi and Tim. This girl is fun, yet put together.


My thoughts: I’m a bit on the fence regarding this one. It looks quite “Muppety” to me, but for some reason, the judges loved it. He was pretty ingenious also using the bracelets like anklets on the model. There seems to be a bit of a tribal vibe on the runway this week.
Michelle’s thoughts: Very runway, but I don’t see that he used any materials in an unconventional way. He basically used everything as a fabric. His look is a huge improvement from what I saw in the workroom.

Erin – Winner

My thoughts: When I first started watching Erin work, I was SO worried that she would not finish in time. What she pulled off in the 11th hour was nothing less than AMAZING. I absolutely LOVE this look (and WOW, is it YELLOW, and I LOOOOOOVED it). Even the bright color didn’t make it look over the top. This was my hands-down winner this week, and the judges completely agreed.
Michelle’s thoughts: My pick to win the whole thing. I gave this a solid 10! Yellow is such a hard color to work with in general, and she nailed it. She thoughtfully used the trims and used them to create patterns that looked expensive, not just randomly glued on like a lot of other looks on the runway. This looks editorial, interesting, and unique!

And here are the bottom looks for this week.


My thoughts: I disagree with the judges on this one. I would have put this in the safe zone for this week, and put Dexter’s look in the bottom. I really love how Roberi used the laterns to create this interesting pattern. It is a tad short, though.
Michelle’s thoughts: I think his work is a little green to be honest, but I think he has some good ideas, and if he really edits and hones his skills, his work could be amazing in the future! I love the flow and artistic vision of this dress, but the proportions are not right, and there is TOO much going on. It doesn’t look like runway caliber work, but he is an artist that just needs to practice a little more.


My thoughts: I absolutely LOVE the pants, but I absolutely do NOT love the top. I didn’t even know that it was made from caps until it was pointed out during the runway critique. The two pieces just don’t seem to go together.
Michelle’s thoughts: Glitter pants. Great idea, bad execution. It also seems too easy. There isn’t much design into this. The top and pants definitely do not go together and I’ve seen this top before being worn by role players who make their own costumes.

Ian – Eliminated

My thoughts: All through the episode, I was thinking “basic, basic, BASIC”. It looked like Ian did nothing more than hot-glue some plastic bags of materials to the front of the dress, and called it a day. I also knew he was in for trouble when he completely dismissed Tim’s critique, and didn’t want to change a single thing about his design. Tim is a mentor for a reason.
Michelle’s thoughts: Chic and modern but a little plain for the runway. The construction really pulled this look down. I can see this silhouette being worn by a lot of young women today, and the colors work together. However, it looked sloppy and uninspired.

So, what did you all think about the looks this week? Did you agree or disagree?


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