After the Runway: Season 15, Episode 3 – Blacklight or Daylight?

Hello everyone!

Ready for another Project Runway recap? I am!!

For those who are new to this, each week, former Project Runway: Under the Gunn contestant and collaborator Michelle Überreste and myself will offer up our thoughts on the top and bottom looks each week.

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, don’t go any further! Spoilers await. 🙂



Here’s a bit of an odd challenge. Heidi and Tim decided to take the “daytime and nighttime look” challenge, smash it together, and throw in some black lighting for the “nighttime” part. Rather than have the designers create a separate look for each, they wanted them to create a single look to transition (largely in part to the episode sponsor, Transition lenses) from daytime to nighttime.

I was honestly nervous about this. This had the makings to be COMPLETELY goofy. Thankfully, the designers did not disappoint, and there was no goofiness to be found. Crisis averted.

Let’s have a look at the top looks for this challenge, and what we thought of each one.



My “two cents”: Emojis are definitely hot right now. Cornelius did a pretty miraculous job in the last minute by choosing to do this. However, the daytime look is pretty basic. Just a plain old white dress. His attitude towards the other designers is getting quite old already. For me, this kind of bordered on the “gimmicky” side.
Michelle’s “two cents”: Maybe it’s just me but this looks really kindergarten. I love the look in the day, it’s super fierce, but the transformation was too easy. It does really light up in the dark, but I just felt it was a look that didn’t take much thought or ingenuity.


My “two cents”: I have to say, this was my pick to win this week. Here’s another designer who pulled out a last-minute miracle. The plastic coat was pretty ingenious, and Jenni’s henna flowers on the bottom were GORGEOUS. They really popped under the blacklight. However, the look was a bit odd looking in the daylight.
Michelle’s “two cents”: Very cool, I like the addition of the flowers, something you don’t see on a lot of plastic looks. Even though they were peeling off, the effect came across on the runway. The only qualm I have about this look is that I don’t think I’d see anyone walking around in it during the day with no pants.

Erin – winner

My “two cents”: Erin, so far, has had a very clear vision of what she wants to design with each challenge, and has impressed me (and the judges) very much each week. Erin’s design was one of the few to look as great in the daylight as it did in the blacklight. I loved how the details (which she created!!) REALLY popped under the blacklight. So far, Erin is really the one to beat this season.
Michelle’s “two cents”: Interesting for sure. I love the fact that she didn’t go the “raver” route like most of the other designers. That would be too easy. I think that is a big part of why she won, she thought about the challenge in a different way, other than taking the easy road, and basing her idea off of what has been done before. Although this isn’t my type of look, I congratulate her for her thoughtful design, not using colors that are obviously neon, and creating something that truly transformed just with the flick of a switch.

And now, let’s move on to the bottom looks this week.


My “two cents”: I saw the very same thing the judges saw: electric stripper. The top looks kind of futuristed and armored in the daytime, but in the nighttime the whole thing makes the model look like she’s wearing neon garters and a necklace. You couldn’t see any other details about the entire look in the dark. Very stripper-like.
Michelle’s “two cents”: I actually loved the top but I think it needed to be paired with something more conservative on the bottom. The lacing on the neck was very flattering, especially in the dark, but the lacing on the skirt was a huge mess. Not only was the placement unflattering, but the uneven bows at the bottom were distracting, and the skin showing through the skirt all the way to the waist was way too scandalous. The skirt transformed this outfit into something really tacky and really ruined the look for me.


My “two cents”: Poor Mah-Jing. He had such grand ideas in his head, and then just hit one disaster after another. He really did try to “make it work”, though. Had the pink ink been invisible in the daylight, like it was supposed to have been, it would have looked SO much better. Instead, it made it look like some random pink lines were just thrown all over the dress. The nighttime look was even worse. It just looked like a huge mess, with the ink spattered every which way. The blue rope necklace would have looked a lot better in the blacklight had he refrained from using the ink on the top of the dress.
Michelle’s “two cents”: This look was a complete train wreck. I felt so bad because I feel Mah-Jing has such talent and he just ended up in a bad place emotionally and this is what came out of it. I also take into consideration he had problems last minute but it’s not an excuse. He should have tested all the colors before putting them on his completed garment. And, after the accident, he should have made the pattern look more flattering, instead of just going nuts with the paint. He could have quickly created an ergonomic design that would have worked a little better. So glad he stayed, though!

Kimber – eliminated

My “two cents”: Personally, I didn’t think this was quite as bad as the judges did. I thought it looked pretty great in the daytime. Kimber was one of the few who tried to make her design look as good in the daylight as well as the blacklight. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way in the nighttime. The puffy paint that she chose to use just didn’t give enough pop that she thought it would, and so it ended up looking rather sad and dull under the blacklight. She didn’t really incorporate anything else to make the look stand out under the light, so the whole look just seemed to blend into the darkness.
Michelle’s “two cents”: I hate this print, it’s ugly and boring. I like the idea of trying to make the flowers glow but they fell flat under the black light. I didn’t much care for this design, it looks really basic. The silhouette is probably something I would wear, but not with that print. I also noticed the seams were all raw and I couldn’t tell if it was intentional or she ran out of time. This dress is so plain, though, she should have had the time to properly hem this dress.

So, what did you all think about the looks? Do you agree, or disagree?


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