After the Runway: Season 15, Episode 5 – There’s No ‘I’ In ‘Team’

Hello everyone!

Ready for another Project Runway recap? I am!!

For those who are new to this, each week, former Project Runway: Under the Gunn contestant and collaborator Michelle Überreste and myself will offer up our thoughts on the top and bottom looks each week.

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, don’t go any further! Spoilers await. 🙂



This week’s challenge was all about the team challenge. These challenge almost always end up in the end with the designers fighting and throwing one another under the bus, in order to save themselves. As emotional as this one ended up being, I am very glad that this challenge didn’t turn out the same way. Sure, someone still went home, but they did so with tears of sadness, and not so much bitterness.

The designers had to team up in groups of 6 (team “unity”, and team “button bag, who renamed to ‘house of bouton'”)to create a four-piece mini collection. How much money they had to spend on fabrics and such depended on pitching their collection ideas to 3 mystery “investors”. Each “investor” had $1,000 to divide however they wanted between each team (for a total of $3,000 up for grabs). One team (house of bouton) ended up with the lion’s share of the cash. A winner was then chosen from the winning team, and the eliminated designer was chosen from the losing team.

So, how did each team fare? Let’s look at the winning team this week, and a breakdown by each designer’s creation.

House of Bouton – winner: Dexter

House of Bouton
(From left to right)

Jenni / Brik

My thoughts: I rather loved this dress. It is a little bit basic, and I’m not entirely sure I like the furry bib on the front of it. Perhaps it might have worked better in the back, or perhaps used the fur on the sides of the dress as an accent. It definitely was a bit too short. I would have loved to have seen it longer, closer to the knee, or just beyond.
Michelle’s thoughts: This was a good idea for a dress but it needed something more. I also disagree with their choice to make it shorter, I think the longer silhouette would have been a lot better for their customer. I like the fabrics and the concept behind it, but it really fell flat, especially with the color choice. Perhaps if they would have used a yellow as a trim or the self fabric, it would have had a much larger impact.


My thoughts: I was initially worried about how Erin’s coat was going to end up, but in true “Erin” fashion, she pulled it out in the end. It’s not hard to tell that she loves yellow. I really like the black details she used on the sides, and the fur collar. I’m a little bit iffy on the sleeves, though.
Michelle’s thoughts: Her coat looks expensive, although simple, it looks elegant, fashion forward and edgy. I am always surprised by her choice of color, as it would NEVER be something I would consider, but when I see it on the model, the color mixing adds a bit of funky but also elevates the look into a real runway worthy piece.


My thoughts: This suit was PERFECT. And denim. It fit like a dream, and I really liked the slight rouching of the jacket part in the middle. Super chic.
Michelle’s thoughts: Smart denim suit! I wish the appliques had been somewhere like on the lapels, or pockets, or the back, instead of on the sleeve cuffs. It looks a little boring on the runway because it’s all one color, but I think this is a really great take on a pantsuit.

Lawrence / Tasha

My thoughts: Lawrence sure can make one KILLER leather jacket. It screams “expensive”. I love this entire look from head to toe. The skirt was amazing, and the yellow really makes it pop. Sure, as Heidi mentioned, it is a little “bee-like”, but in this case, I think it works.
Michelle’s thoughts: It’s a good jacket, but its a straight rip off of Balmain. This jacket was made years ago and has been knocked off many times since. I applaud Lawrence on her construction skills, but for me, I lost a lot of respect for her having seen this jacket before so many times. I love the yellow skirt, even though it’s quite plain, I think it’s a good piece to have in a collection that works for mixing and matching. I can imagine it would be quite difficult to find a skirt in that color anywhere.

And now, let’s look at the losing team.

Team Unity – eliminated: Alex

Team Unity
(From left to right)


My thoughts: I liked the coat for the most part. The silvery lapels threw me off with this look. The pants were pretty good, but the top was such an odd shape. The pieces of this look just don’t seem to go together to me.
Michelle’s thoughts: I don’t like the silver lapels, I think they look cheap, the shirt is just a mess. The pants are just OK. The top is what bothers me most about this, though, it has some sort of weird forced raw edge and it doesn’t fit. The shirt neck is cut too high to go well with the jacket.


My thoughts: This was easily the best look of the losing collection. Mah-Jing really redeemed himself this challenge. The top was AMAZING, and I loved the pants as well. My only nitpick is that he didn’t incorporate the colors into his look somehow. However, had he done so, it might not have looked as great as it did.
Michelle’s thoughts: I LOVED this top! It is aces all the way. I would buy this and wear it every day! It is subtle, yet sophisticated and would flatter ANY woman that put it on. The pants are great, too, which just makes this outfit super great!


My thoughts: I was not a fan of the silvery metallic fabric he chose to make this dress in. To me, it immediately makes it look quite dated. Because the material is metallic, it also shows and amplifies every flaw in the construction.
Michelle’s thoughts: looks like his neoprene dress from the Day to Night Challenge. It looks a little dated honestly, especially with the styling and that hair. I think Alex has really good taste, but I think he’s too honed in on who he thinks he is and he’s afraid to change or update.

Cornelius / Rik

My thoughts: I really liked the bomber style jacket they created for this look. The skirt looks a little too short to me when paired with the jacket. Without the jacket, the rest of the look is pretty basic. Very nice, but basic.
Michelle’s thoughts: I like the dress underneath, I think it’s pretty smart and it looks great on the model, but in real life, I’m not sure what woman would want to feel like she has a “pooch” on her stomach. I like the silver and black together, but I HATE the print. The jacket would be a lot cuter in an updated print.

So, what did you think? Do you agree or disagree? Come back again for next week’s recap!


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