After the Runway: Season 15, Episode 6 – There IS Crying In Fashion

Hello everyone!

Ready for another Project Runway recap? I am!!

For those who are new to this, each week, former Project Runway: Under the Gunn contestant and collaborator Michelle Überreste and myself will offer up our thoughts on the top and bottom looks each week.

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, don’t go any further! Spoilers await. 🙂



This week’s challenge was a bit of an interesting one. Apparently, the judges think they’ve been stressing out the designers a bit much (come on!! ALL one-day challenges???), so they decide to do some medicating, in the form of a cocktail party. Little do they know…

The party serves as the inspiration for their next (ALSO one-day, shockingly) challenge: to create a cocktail dress, inspired by all of their surroundings.

Oh, and it might have been sponsored by some vodka company as well…

Many of the designers feel really out of their element, being mostly casual and streetwear designers.

So, how did they do? Let’s have a look at the top looks for this week.


My thoughts:Honestly, I wasn’t really impressed by any designer this week. It was rather easy to tell that the designers didn’t have any experience creating cocktail dresses. This one looked more like a rip-off of the leather aprons the bartenders were wearing (which were the inspiration). I really like the color, but it also looks a bit too much like a cigarette girl uniform from the olden Vegas days. I also agreed with the judges in that the exposed zipper on the back also made the dress look less expensive.
Michelle’s thoughts: I did not really care for this dress at all. I think the color is a little strange, I would have gone more copper, or brighter orange. I do think his construction is on point, and the details from the grosgrain ribbon to the buttons are a nice touch. However, I think this was such a literal take on a butcher apron, it really comes across as such. I was surprised when it was on the top.


My thoughts: Of the top looks this week, this was my pick to be the winner. It still wasn’t something that wowed me, however. I did really love the Chanel-esque quilting on the shoulders, and the chest was very detailed, but the rest of the dress was just a basic black dress. To me, this is what a one-day challenge does: it doesn’t give the designers enough time to really get creative.
Michelle’s thoughts: The judges described this as the Bentley of little black dresses and rightly so! This was amazing, looked expensive, I could see it in any high end store, this could be the “must have” dress of the season. Everything about it is perfect. The perfect seaming and construction, proportions, length, and the covered front juxtaposed with the open back was the mark of a master of design. I love the subtle black detailing down to the little buttons she chose for the intersections of the leather. Outstanding!

Jenni – winner

My thoughts: The other designers really didn’t like that Jenni’s look was heavily inspired by Erin’s applique pattern from the last challenge. I really liked how it turned out, though I think it would have ended up looking much better with contrasting colors. They kind of muddle together.
Michelle’s thoughts: This dress looked great from far away. The concept was spot on, but the construction was really sloppy. Even from the runway, I could see the shiny satin puckering underneath the applique. I think the silhouette should have been a little more relaxed and longer to complete the “flapper” reference. Overall this was a great dress. However, I think it was shadowed in comparison to Lawrence’s look.

Here are the bottom looks for this week.


My thoughts: I didn’t find this look nowhere near as bad as the judges did. I can see the 20s vibe from it, but it was a bit ill-fitting. I really LOVED the lace that Nathalia spent most of the money on. Had it been more form-fitting, I felt like it would have been a contender for the top.
Michelle’s thoughts: I actually think this fabric COULD have worked out had she chosen to use it in a more edgy way. The skirt part of the dress was fine, the top was strange, draped in the front into a bubble, and open in the back. The messy craftsmanship does not do Nathalia any favors, either. The color looks very bridesmaid or junior prom. I understand Nathalia was trying to be flexible in her design aesthetic, but there was no signature in this dress whatsoever.


My thoughts: I did not think that this look was anywhere near as bad as the judges thought it was. The feathers definitely looked strange on the dress. It made it look a bit costume-like. If she had used less feathers, it might have looked better. The feathers and fabric just match too closely. It was a bit comical though, that the judges made it sound like they were going to send her home.
Michelle’s thoughts: This dress was another disappointment for me. I loved the fabric choice and the feathers to go with it, but I don’t think it was used in a smart way. It came off very costume-looking and the proportions weren’t doing anything for me, either. This looks like something that would maybe be good for stage but something about the shape of the neckline was really throwing me off.

Tasha – eliminated

My thoughts: As much as I loved Tasha as a designer, I have to agree with the judges for sending her home this week. Tasha was definitely out of her element with this challenge, and she really struggeled. The dress is very nice, but quite basic. The gold trim on the bottom is a nice touch, but the glittery belt was an afterthought.
Michelle’s thoughts: I agree Tasha’s dress was the worst. It looked like an afterthought, and like Mah-Jing, I think her meeting with Tim threw her off. The denim take on a cocktail dress COULD have worked, but it was ill fitting, and the sash was reminiscent of a hippie or gypsy aesthetic, a total afterthought to add some sparkly. The leather on the hem would have been fine, had she incorporated it into the dress somewhere else, but as is, it also looked like an afterthought.

So, what did you think? Do you agree or disagree? Come back again for next week’s recap!


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