After the Runway: Season 15, Episode 8 -Project Pop Up

Hello everyone!

Ready for another Project Runway recap?

For those who are new to this, each week, former Project Runway: Under the Gunn contestant and collaborator Michelle Überreste and myself will offer up our thoughts on the top and bottom looks each week.

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, don’t go any further! Spoilers await. 🙂

Let’s get to it!


This week, the designers are put into groups of three. Their challenge? To create a 3-piece collection based upong 3 Sally Beauty color palettes: Red Violet, Nude Neutral, and Hues of Blue. These looks will then be displayed pop up store style for the public to view and vote on their favorite collection. The public favorite would count for 20% of their score. The winner would be chosen from the winning collection, and the person going home would be chosen from the bottom team.

So, how did the teams fare? Let’s have a look at each one.

Team Nude Neutral (Jenni, Nathalia, Mah-Jing)

Team Nude

My thoughts:
Jenni – I wasn’t a fan of Jenni’s brown top at first, but once she put the “popcorn” on the sleeves, it started to grow on me. I really LOVED the pants though.
Nathalia – The bomber jacket was very well done. I even loved the pants, and the cutouts in the knees are a rather genius idea. This was my favorite look of the three.
Mah-Jing – The coat looked pretty great, but I wasn’t a fan of the material of the dress. It literally looked like a potato sack. Granted, a very well fitting potato sack, but a sack nonetheless.
Michelle’s thoughts:
Jenni – I love the addition of the popcorn to the sweater. It adds so much interest to the look and the entire collection. I don’t particularly like the voluminous pants mixed with this sweater, but I could see a lot of women wearing it.
Nathalia – So this is basically a pair of leggings and a bomber jacket with a turtleneck. I think it was smart to mix all the nudes together to create some depth to the looks. I think the silhouette is just okay, not super interesting, but definitely something I could see in a store.
Mah-Jing – I absolutely hated this dress. I’m so glad he made a quality jacket to put over it, because together they look much better. However, the dress reminds me of shepherds dressing up for a nativity scene. It doesn’t look like fashion to me, it looks more like a potato sack with a belt around it.

Team Hues of Blue (Roberi, Rik, Laurence) – winner: Roberi

Team Blue

My thoughts:
Roberi – Roberi’s sweater was pretty basic, but the design he created on it was really great. It gives it a modern look. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the skirt. It just looks half-finished to me, like he ran out of time with the plaid fabric.
Laurence – I think it’s very safe to say that Laurence can make a killer jacket. This one was certainly no excpetion. The pants were a little too long, though. The whole look is very chic.
Rik – This is another great jacket. I wasn’t much of a fan of the dress, though. There’s something about the stripe with how low it sits which makes the dress look a bit long.
Michelle’s thoughts:
Roberi – The sweater was simple in its design, yet held your interest. The layering with the white tee shows the customer how it can be worn. The skirt is absolute genius, and a cut up skirt can go wrong so easily. I love the texture and print mixing.
Laurence – Another amazing jacket. I love that the blue is definitely there, but subdued. I wear black all the time myself, and I found that since the blue was much darker, it still evoked the feeling of lots of color, but still felt neutral and flattering. The pants had very subtle design details for the runway, but up close, they looked very thoughtful.
Rik – This jacket is amazing. The dress is okay, its just a knit dress, but the way he finished the edges raw and paid attention to detail made it a basic, yet special.

Team Red Violet (Erin, Dexter, Cornelius) – eliminated, and saved: Cornelius

Team Red

My thoughts:
Erin – This entire collection suffered from too much red. Erin’s coat was gorgeous, and very well made. The top was pretty plain, and I’m not a fan of Corneliu’s skirt with this. It competes far too much with the coat. It was definitely better that he used it on Erin’s look than his own.
Dexter – I’m still not sure quite how I feel about Dexter’s dress. The shoulders throw me off. They make the model look much wider. The plunging neckline goes down, and down, and down some more.
Cornelius – I have to admit, I’m glad that Cornelius didn’t end up going home over this look. He’s been a bit mean to some of the others, but this look wasn’t entirely that bad. It was more of Erin and Dexter throwing him under the bus. I am glad he gave the skirt to Erin, and created another one for this look. The original skirt was have been TOO much plaid.
Michelle’s thoughts:
Erin – Obviously, her jacket is amazing. The small details like the patent piping on the edges, and the fabric itself made it look super luxe. The shirt underneath was basic. The pencil skirt was interesting, although I’m not entirely sure if all the designs the plaid was creating were flattering.
Dexter – I love the top part of this dress, I love that he used denim, and I think his model looks fierce. However, it does look a little basic, especially for Dexter, and I think he should have added something underneath so the neckline was not plunging so far down. This cuts out so much of your client base that doesn’t want to wear anything that risque. The bottom part of the dress was just too plain and I thought it looked a little awkward. He should have brought in some plaid or a fabric from one of the other looks to make this dress a little more interesting, even in small amounts it would have done the job.
Cornelius – I liked the way he decided to use the plaid in a way that it wasn’t just straight. He created a pattern with the stripes of the plaid to make something a little more interesting. I applaud him in giving up the skirt he made to Erin’s look for the good of his group, but in the end, it backfired. The asymmetrical skirt that he ended up pairing with his jacket was just okay, although if he had more time, I am sure with some added detail and care to construction and fit, this outfit would not have been as bad as the judges claim it was.

So, what did you all think about the looks? Did you agree, or disagree?


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