After the Runway: Season 15, Episode 10 – A Power Trip

Hello everyone!

Ready for another Project Runway recap?

For those who are new to this, each week, former Project Runway: Under the Gunn contestant and collaborator Michelle Überreste and myself will offer up our thoughts on the top and bottom looks each week.

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, don’t go any further! Spoilers await. 🙂

Let’s get to it!


The numbers are slowly dwindling down, and soon enough, we’ll be down to the final three!

This week, the challenge was for the designers to create an editorial and high-fashion look, showcasing the New York City power woman, to be featured in a future edition of Marie Claire magazine.

Let’s have a look at the top looks for this week.



My thoughts: This was definitely a top look for me. I really loved the mix of denim and tweed. The one part of it I didn’t really like was the denim across the model’s chest. It looked like a tacky denim breastplate. Without that, I think perhaps Mah-Jing might have won this week.
Michelle’s thoughts: I am so glad he finally stepped up and delivered what we have all been expecting out of him! This dress was definitely for a strong, confident woman, simplistic in its idea, detailed in design, and looked expensive and well crafted as well as editorial.



My thoughts: I’ll be perfectly honest: I’m quite surprised this ended up in the top. I figured this would be either safe, or in the upper bottom. While this looks TONS better than what Erin started with (ANOTHER big coat, shocker, odd pink, and some sort of ‘wobbly’ effect, ick), it still doesn’t look very powerful to me. I do like the metallic tweed material, but definitely didn’t like the ruffle.
Michelle’s thoughts: Simple and cheap-looking. Little House on the Prairie on acid. I honestly don’t see what the judges saw in this dress. Based on her work in the competition thus far, I am starting to suspect that she actually doesn’t know how to construct clothing. I see raw edges, not based on
design, I see nothing form fitting. I know that may not be her aesthetic, but I feel as though she may be skating through this competition based on her sense of color and unique techniques and fabric choices. I love her unique perspective, but this dress could have been made in an hour and is definitely not editorial in my eyes.

Cornelius – winner


My thoughts: I haven’t been much of a fan of Cornelius this season, but I really liked how this one turned out, and could see this being the winner. I really love the stitching detail of the dress, the patterned pops of color are very tasteful.
Michelle’s thoughts: Another designer who finally delivered what we have all been hoping he was capable of! This dress was magnificent – completely editorial, with high impact, yet completely wearable in so many different settings. It looks totally high end, I love the pops of color placed against the architectural gray wool. I love that each panel features a different color. The ONLY complaint I have is that I wish the back panel of color was closer to the hem and not right on the model’s backside, I think it would have been more effective. However, overall this was a stellar accomplishment!

Here are the bottom looks for this week.



My thoughts: This was not one of my favorite looks, but I didn’t think it was a bad as the judges played it out to be. It certainly is toga-like, and I’m not a fan of the splatter print. I can certainly see the Statue of Liberty inspiration, but it looks a little too literal.
Michelle’s thoughts: Great print, I love how from afar it looks so start and white and beautiful, and as the model approaches, you see the tarnished print. From the front, this definitely said “Lady Liberty” to me and when it first appeared on the runway, it took my breath away. But, the longer I looked at it, the more I felt disappointed. The neck is too covered and the draping was not all that genius. I love the addition of the silver straps in leather, I think it was a much needed detail. The back was bizarre. I understand he may have been trying to make this outfit more than “just a gown”, but the apron effect was unnecessary. The dress underneath looked really cute, too, but since it was covered up, all the detail was pointless. I still hold the opinion that this was one of the better looks on the runway, though it could have used some serious tweaking.

Dexter – eliminated


My thoughts: I was honestly a little bit surprised to see Dexter eliminated. I really liked his look, but was not a fan of the super exaggerated shoulders. I thought this was very editorial, though a power woman wouldn’t really wear something like this.
Michelle’s thoughts: This one was really hard to critique. Honestly, the judges were using his past work to judge this outfit, and to be honest, so was I. It’s really hard to look at it as a standalone design and separate from the fact that he’s basically made this jacket before, and that one was better. I like Dexter’s aesthetic, I think this is a dramatic and editorial look, but he just did not push himself far enough, and his jacket was too familiar to his streetwear look. Honestly, I think the jacket needed more attention and detail, the shoulders alone did not make it editorial or make it special, and I think it was quite a basic look for Dexter. Not to mention, what really killed it was that the model’s own undergarments made the look more unique than it really was.

Nathalia – eliminated


My thoughts: With Nathalia’s bestie eliminated from the competition the previous week, I had a feeling her work might suffer. And it did. She couldn’t really focus on a specific look she wanted to created. The final look is very Star Trek, and not in a modern, stylish way.
Michelle’s thoughts: I didn’t hate this as much as the judges did, but I definitely didn’t love it. I get Nathalia’s sporty futuristic vibe, but it comes off looking really cheap and green. I think she has some great ideas, but I think she needs a little more experience finishing and designing her garments. The jacket alone could have been cool in a different style, maybe as a bomber jacket or something with a collar, it felt really dated with the neckline and no closure in the front. The jumpsuit would have been much more effective with some type of harness or belt made out of the reflective material, maybe cut thinner.

What did you think about the looks for this week?


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