After the Runway – Season 16, Episode 4: ‘We’re Sleeping Wear?’

Howdy howdy folks! Time for another recap! Are you all caught up and ready??

If you’re new here, this is how it works: each Monday (-ish), I, Michelle Überreste of ‘Project Runway: Under the Gunn’, and Lu of ‘Scouting Tall’, will offer up our opinions on the top 3 and bottom 3 looks from the previous Thursday night’s episode. Why on Mondays? That gives some time for folks to watch without spoiling things for them.

Okay, let’s get into it!


This week’s episode takes place immediately after the previous week’s. The designers are all called back onto the runway, where Heidi and Tim serve up the next challenge: create a sleepwear design to be featured in Heidi’s sleepwear collection. Yes, the Heidi Klum challenge. Those of you who watch the show know how persnickety Heidi can be, especially when visiting with the designers while they’re creating. Because they need inspiration, they are whisked away to spend the night at the luxurious Empire… State Building? Certainly not something that comes to mind for inspiring sleepy time.

Based on watching this episode, I’m convinced that creating sleepwear is MUCH harder than one would expect it to be.

How did the designers do this week? Let’s look at the top 3 looks.



My thoughts: I’m not going to beat around the bush with it. The twins are really starting to irk me. They are FAR too dependent on each other, and with this challenge, they practically worked as a team on each other’s looks. That being said, I really love how this turned out. I love the design that Shawn came up with, and it was really smart how she only stamped out the top, and left the pants clean, save for the stamps on the sash. The model looks like she’s got legs for weeks here.
Michelle’s thoughts: This look was so polished. A little too polished. It is flattering and wearable. I have to give it to her, it was the least tortured look of the night. Everything looked clean and well executed. I think that’s the only reason it ended up on top, though. Everything fit well and the print was placed on the top in a thoughtful way, but if I could compare this to all the other looks, and everyone had constructed their looks perfectly, I would feel like it isn’t really a stunner. However, I guess that presentation aspect of Project Runway makes a big difference when making a first impression on the judges.
Lu’s thoughts: While I liked the print on the camisole portion of Shawn’s look, I don’t think she deserved all of the praise the judges gave her. It was a gorgeous jumpsuit, but I would never wear it to sleep. It would be too difficult to remove when you have too much water before bedtime and have to wake up at 3 am for the bathroom. Heidi herself brought this up during some of the critiques, so I only think it is fair to hold her comment against all of the looks. Furthermore, should she share credit with her sister since we have been led to believe that they work in tandem? What happens to one when eventually the other is eliminated?



My thoughts: Kentaro really redeemed himself after last week. He did very well listening to Samantha’s input on how to create a look for a plus-sized model. The square scallop designs on the top were amazing, and I’m glad he also listened to Tim about not being so anal with making the design so crisp and clean. I would have been perfectly happy with this winning the challenge as well.
Michelle’s thoughts: I loved this look though I didn’t really see how the angular edges of the top matched the feminine draped bottom part of the dress. I loved the print, although I loved it more in the workroom when I could tell he had more time to work on it. The actual print on the dress was rushed the morning before the runway. I love how he added the extra depth to the dress by adding an ombre dip dye effect underneath the print as well. Still, it looked elegant, wearable, just what a woman would love to wear to bed. The added bonus was the removable belt. So simple, yet transforms this look.
Lu’s thoughts: I was excited to see Kentaro in the top three this week. The print reminded me of something I would find in Anthropologie, which is a good thing. I noticed that he took his model’s feedback and incorporated it into the look by adding a sash in order to accentuate her curves. Whether that is an effect of editing or not, I have not been so cognizant of any designer incorporating the model’s feedback to this extent. I appreciated that the sash was removeable and not constrained to beltloops, because even though the model wanted to emphasize her body, who is comfortable sleeping a sash?

Michael – winner


My thoughts: I must not have paid that much attention when this walked down the runway, but when the judges took a closer look at this, I fell IN LOVE with it. I’m a huge fan of 20s and 30s styles, and this nailed it. Everything about this entire look seem to travel through time from the 20s to the present. Even the model’s hairstyle was reminiscent of it. She could have easily gone out for a night dancing in a speakeasy and then head straight to bed without even changing.
Michelle’s thoughts: This look was probably the most interesting of the bunch. It’s soft and feminine yet looks modern. It’s very hard to do this with a
blush pink silk charmeuse. I love the placement of the prints. My only complaint is that I don’t know how to feel about the triangle coming up in the front. It does make it different than any other sleepwear I’ve seen before but I’m just not sure it’s something I would feel comfortable wearing as a woman.
Lu’s thoughts: When Michael’s look came out on the runway, I called it as winning the challenge. His interpretation of art deco was obvious without being gimmicky. The areas of pattern on the fabric were placed in such a way that it was flattering on the model. Despite the fact that the fabric was cut on the bias and generally I don’t like that look on women who are not rail thin, it looked great on his curvier model. Did anyone else notice that the outside straps were falling off as she was leaving the runway though?

And now, the bottom looks this week.



My thoughts: Kenya seemed to have lost her way during this challenge, second guessing and overthinking things. I don’t think there was anything BAD about this look, but it is rather plain and basic.
Michelle’s thoughts: I didn’t really care for this look but I think it was hard for me to see past how tortured the fabric was. I can see Kenya’s design aesthetic when I really break it down. I liked the robe, I actually liked that it was sleeveless, and I loved the open back. I absolutely adore her unexpected color combination of different shades of pink. I’m so glad she was safe, I think this challenge she was a victim of the fabric!
Lu’s thoughts: Kenya’s look was unremarkable. The back zipper and hook and eye was an unfortunate choice, and contrary to Zac Posen’s opinion, I did not love the color palette. Despite this, I don’t think was necessarily bottom three worthy. She was dismissed so quickly during the elimination that it led me to believe that there was not a clean break in the scores and there had to be a third for the judges to critique.



My thoughts: I had really REALLY high hopes for Aaron. I loved the pattern he created. I was convinced he was going to take the top this week, until his finished look went down the runway. Ouch. That beautiful pattern he created got lost in the runway lights. The shorts were HUGE. Everything looked all wrinkly. His top had no back to it. HAD. NO. BACK. TO. IT.
Michelle’s thoughts: I’m honestly not sure why the judges tore this one up. Yes, the top needed some give and the shorts were too long, but overall, it was a cute look. It just needed some tweaking. Aaron has this thing for shorts of this length. I am sure we will see more. The print was pretty, and my favorite print of the night.
Lu’s thoughts: I was disappointed to see Aaron’s look. What I liked about his looks in the past were that they were more structured. (My mind goes back to the week two recycle challenge with his clear vinyl shorts.) Perhaps because it seems that the only fabric available to the designers seemed to be a silk or silky polyester (just checked Heidi Klum’s website and I can confirm that the chosen look was produced in silk), this was too far out of his wheelhouse. I don’t know if there were not cotton fabric options or they were edited out in the borderline-Hunger Games cornucopia scene of the fabric selection. I just love a crisp poplin pajama set and I think it could have been something Aaron (as well as others) could have killed. Shame of the designers if they passed it up. Shame on the show if it wasn’t made available.

Deyonte – eliminated


My thoughts: While not my pick to be sent home this week, I can’t fault the judges for sending him packing. This was another “meh” look this week; nothing terribly special nor flattering on the model. I’m not really a fan of the blue coloring on it, either. It looks like something was spilled all over it. Also, untucking the top from the skirt and draping it over did NOT make the look sexier, as he had described.
Michelle’s thoughts: Poor Deyonte! I felt so bad for him. His look was a mess. The worst part is that he really didn’t think it was. There was no design
elements involved. The top reminds me of the top from the last challenge, shapeless and ill fitting. The skirt could have been alright except for the waistband into which the fabric was gathered was not stitched down evenly. To me, it looked like the elastic was just worming its way around inside of the waistband. This was such an unfortunate look for Deyonte.
Lu’s thoughts: Despite Deyonte’s claim, the top did not look sexy tucked or untucked in the skirt. It was shapeless, which to be honest is not the worst thing to wear when you want to be comfortable in bed; however I agree with the judges that the arm holes were too tight. Regardless of what I think is comfortable to doze off in, this was Heidi Klum’s line, not mine. I still have Deyonte’s look from week one in my head so I was disappointed to see him go.

There you have it! What did you think about this week’s looks? Let us know!


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