After the Runway – Season 16, Episode 6: ‘Models Off Duty’

Hey everybody! Time for another recap! Are you all caught up and ready??

If you’re new here, this is how it works: each week, ‘Project Runway: Under the Gunn’ contestant Michelle Überreste, tall style blogger Lu of ‘Scouting Tall’, and I will offer up our opinions on the top 3 and bottom 3 looks from the previous Thursday night’s episode. Why the following week? We don’t want to spoil things for the folks who watch late!

For the next couple of weeks, Lu won’t be joining us on our weekly recaps. She’s gone off and gotten married, and currently on her honeymoon! Don’t worry, she’ll be back!

Okay, let’s get into it!


This week, Heidi and Tim flipped the tables on the designers a bit. The clients for this challenge? The models themselves! Not only that, the models were the one who chose who would design for them. The designers had to create a street style look to be photographed and published on social media. These were to be looks that the models would wear ‘off duty’.

How did they do? Let’s look at the top designs this week.



My thoughts: Even though Kenya’s model wasn’t really a fan of this, I rather liked it. I was in love with the shade of green she chose. The only thing I wish she had done was perhaps not to use the Dalmatian print so much, perhaps as a liner to the top, and a peek-a-boo under the sleeve ends. I was a fan!
Michelle’s thoughts: I really hated this look most of all. It looks like an 80’s outfit straight from the Sears catalog mixed with a Peter Pan costume.
The colors aren’t what kills me, but the foldover on the pant, the vest, and the cut of the blouse along with that crazy print! I know a lot of people loved this, but I wasn’t one of them.



My thoughts: This was more of a “Wonder Twins” collaboration than an individual creation, in my eyes. To boot, it wasn’t really anything innovative, because she basically took what both she and model were wearing, and combined them together. It was safe to me, but not worthy of a top look, and also a bit of a cop out.
Michelle’s thoughts: I really liked the top, but I felt the unfinished edges did not add to the design. I also think it was a total cop out to basically just copy her own top mixed with the top the model was wearing that day. It makes it totally unoriginal for me. The pants were expertly made, but I
hate cropped pants, and they don’t flatter any body type. The look was satisfactory, but nothing surprising, original, and definitely no color to make it pop.

Kentaro – winner


My thoughts: Far and away the winner this week. I’m a huge fan of Japanese culture and influence, and this was a perfect juxtaposition of “Japan meets the street”. Even the simple folding of the top in the back of the fabric Kentaro didn’t know what to do with was perfect. I could see this on the streets right now.
Michelle’s thoughts: The look of the night! Totally streetwear and totally modern. Well executed and ingenious invention of “denim thigh highs”. The style, the subtlety and nod to Japanese culture was a total win!

Here are the bottom looks this week.



My thoughts: Claire doomed herself this week by spending so much time helping her other half, than spending on her own look. Her sister basically ruined the pants she created, and forced her to make them into shorts. That in itself made the top look way too heavy, unbalanced, and awkward.
Michelle’s thoughts: I really liked the original idea of making a sweatshirt with a peplum. It’s sporty, it’s cool. But, paired with those booty shorts, you lose the entire concept of the top. I wish she would have paired it with a sleek pant and it would have been a lot more fashionable. The entire outfit was so dark, you lost all the details on the runway. Overall, a fail in my book.



My thoughts: Because my eye is for the everyday style, I saw no issues with this look whatsoever, and immediately fell in love with it. This looked perfect for the streets of Miami, and I still don’t know why the judges had a problem with that. However, I didn’t like that Margarita tried to paint her model as some kind of diva, with exacting standards, as she seemed to be the one who came up with the entire look, which her model agreed with.
Michelle’s thoughts: I appreciated the fact that I felt she tried to make something different than her tried and true aesthetic. However, I think it was a major fail. I liked the fact that she mixed the prints on the bomber but it was nothing new. The pants and halter top look like they came straight out of 90s rave culture and super dated. Then, she added frayed patches and it made it even worse. I think the halter or the bomber paired with something else could have been successful, but overall this look was really unfortunate.

Samantha – eliminated


My thoughts: I did NOT agree with the judges sending Samantha home this week. I absolutely LOVED this look. Samantha put so much time and effort into her creation. I did agree with the judges that had she used the gold fabric to create the look (which she was wearing) instead of the really dark fabric for the model, it would have looked SO much better, and you could appreciate the details in it. Sadly, she was sent home before her time.
Michelle’s thoughts: I definitely didn’t hate this look as much as the judges. This cut is so flattering and worn by millions of women every day. My main complaint is that its so dark, it’s hard to see all the painstaking detail she added. She also didn’t need to add the vest whatsoever. I loved the suspender detail and I know the model was feeling this look.

There you have it! What did you think about the looks this week?


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