After the Runway – Season 16, Episode 12: ‘There’s Snow Business Like Sew Business’

Hey everybody! Time for another recap! Are you all caught up and ready??

If you’re new here, this is how it works: each week, ‘Project Runway: Under the Gunn’ contestant Michelle Überreste, tall style blogger Lu of ‘Scouting Tall’, and I will offer up our opinions on the top 3 and bottom 3 looks from the previous Thursday night’s episode. Why the following week? We don’t want to spoil things for the folks who watch late!

Okay, let’s get into it!


Well folks, we are getting down to the wire! Only 5 designers left! This season seemed to really fly by for me, but it was certainly not short on the drama! 🙂

This week’s challenge for the designers was to create a winter wear look. They were each given a hefty $400 budget, and TWO DAYS to create their looks.

How did the designers stack up? Let’s have a look at each one.



My thoughts: I really liked the 80s vibe I got from this. I really loved the sharp line between the pink and the black at first, and was reluctant on Ayana blending it with the black paint. It really worked out, and I loved it even more. I wasn’t too sure about the fedora, though. It looked rather out of place. I wish she had stuck with the top hat instead.
Michelle’s thoughts: I loved this coat! The cut is so great and the fact that it’s mostly black with that pop of bright pink and mixed with the print is so smart. It doesn’t particularly scream “winter” to me, maybe more of a fall look, but I’d definitely rock this. I like how she paired it with the checkers to give it some attitude. Personally, I think it would have been more successful styling with a pump and no hat, but the look itself was stellar.
Lu’s thoughts: As a whole, this look is a total New Wave reference, from the neon pink to the splatter paint to the black and white print to the fingerless gloves. I love all things 1980s, but I think it teetered on costume. Add to that, the black and white houndstooth-like print reminds me (any southern really) of the University of Alabama; I wish Ayana just would have gone with a different color or print. I wish the jumpsuit had a full length leg and no diaper butt. I love a mod moment, so the coat was a slam dunk. I could have done without the splatter paint detail, although my inner eight year old loves it.

Brandon – winner


My thoughts: This entire season, Brandon seems to be a single-vision designer. He has his aesthetic, but seems to have no range. Every one of his designs look very similar. I haven’t really been much of a fan. I did really like the wax cotton coat he made for this challenge. However, the outfit he created isn’t really realistic for someone to wear in the wintertime.
Michelle’s thoughts: The color palette is good, and I am glad he finally did a coat, although he was somewhat forced. I love Brandon’s aesthetic and I would personally wear it, but I am not seeing any range from him. This look (minus the coat) resembles all the other looks he’s put down the runway. While I think it’s important for a designer to have a signature, this is just too narrow for me. He needs to expand his horizons a bit. Though it is a good look, maybe I’m being overly critical since I have high hopes for Brandon.
Lu’s thoughts: No girl in her right mind would wear not only sandals, but cropped pants and a midriff top in the snow. While this look is unquestionably Brandon’s – and I am past critiquing him for not trying anything new; at this point the judges have incentivized him to sticking to what he does – his winter look is so unpractical. I didn’t like the papoose hanging in front of the crotch. This is what I did like: the coat. Specifically the red zipper detailing on it.



My thoughts: This look was one of my picks to be the winner this week. Everything about this looks super luxurious and expensive. I was a little thrown off by the leg warmers, but swap them out for OTK boots, and this is pretty perfect.
Michelle’s thoughts: I absolutely love this coat. I hate the leg warmers, but I love the coat. It’s not for everyone and it’s definitely not mainstream but it’s very fashion. The folds are so beautiful and his Japanese perspective comes through beautifully. The color is great and so is the styling. However, he is lucky he got a more straight figured model as this would not look good on anyone with curves. It’s more of a piece of work than flattering and wearable.
Lu’s thoughts: Kentaro’s look was my clear winner. That off white? So chic. I completely agree with Tim Gunn when he said that it looks rich. I would not wear the shorts but this would be where I have to deviate from my impractical argument and say that I actually like them, especially with the leg warmers. Sidebar: how hilarious was Kentaro using himself, as the fit model as he was the same size as Meisha?



My thoughts: Kenya’s look was my second pick for the winner this week. I was SO IN LOVE with her coat. The print was both modern and retro at the same time.
Michelle’s thoughts: This look is so Kenya. The coat is great, well made, with a bold print in a muted color. I wish she would have brought more drama to the look, and maybe paired it with some booties instead of the pumps. However, her model looks rockin’ and this is very marketable.
Lu’s thoughts: I didn’t like the fabric of the coat. It reminded me of a 1970s couch. Less Classic Lady, more Carol Brady. I love mixed prints, but I think don’t think they mesh well and the coat overwhelms the rest of the look, about which I am neutral.



My thoughts: I was a bit worried for Margarita, once she wasn’t allowed to use the fur for her design. It seemed rather silly that designers weren’t allowed to use fur, but they can use leather? The coat was GORGEOUS, and I loved the blue lining in it. The dress was .. odd. Liris certainly rocked it.
Michelle’s thoughts: In regard to the rabbit fur incident, can I just pose this question: If the show is cruelty free, why is someone allowed to use leather in almost every challenge? Either way I kind of love this dress. It’s weird. But, I like weird. Something about the silhouette is so simple yet effective. It looks high end and I love the way the fur comes up on the collar, she looks like a super fierce, fashionable villain with attitude. I didn’t care for the coat as much but I do love the pop of sky blue coming out from the lining.
Lu’s thoughts: This look could have gone badly. I think a thick textured fabric on a skinny female is challenging enough (I am speaking as a size 10 so save the hate mail). My favorite part was the way the fur looked coming out of the collar against the coat. When Liris posed at the end of the runway and moved the jacket so the lining was visible, I reconciled my resistance to a robe coat (not my favorite coat style) as the light blue fabric lining popped against the neutral color palette.

Of course, no one goes home, because the judges copped out, and there has to be drama. There are no bottom looks, and no one goes home this week. There you go! So, what did you think about the final five?


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